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So they can unapologetically live the lives they want to be living.


Private Client Coaching


Trisha Kusinitz(CPC, ACC & ELI-MP) is the founder of tkSolutions Coaching, LLC.  She  brings 15 years of Coaching experience to her Private Client Practice; working with women on a one on one basis.   She helps them explore what is preventing the achievement of the success they desire, while also helping them uncover the quickest and most effective ways to get around/past the obstacle. Trisha also teaches her clients how to speak freely and tell their stories entirely on their own terms.  After working with Trisha, her Private Clients can both identify the ways in which they are giving their power away and apply the strategies Trisha has taught them to effectively take it back.

Common Problems Trisha's Clients Experience


  • Feeling as though they have to fight to get recognition.
  • Being overlooked for promotion or advancement.
  • Feeling as though work/life balance is unattainable.
  • Having difficulty speaking up at work or at home.
  • Feeling that they have to say "yes" to everything.
  • Being afraid it will be discovered that they're a fraud.
  • Constantly worrying that they will let everyone down.
  • Unnecessarily apologizing.

After Working With Trisha, Clients:


  • Receive the recognition they deserve.
  • Take control of their career progression.
  • Rethink work/life balance to live the life they want.
  • Communicate effectively and with confidence.
  • Set boundaries, so they can sleep/live/breathe!
  • Stop being held hostage to Imposter Syndrome.
  • Let go of unrealistic expectations/perfectionism.
  • Stop justifying or explaining when it is unnecessary.

Ready to Move From Problems to Solutions?

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Balance Found


There’s no greater challenge to a working mom than trying to figure out how to balance it all. It’s so easy to feel like you are always giving less than you should, both to your employer and your family. Trisha has been instrumental in helping me find a greater sense of balance– including how to build in time for myself. She has helped me understand where my time is most wisely spent and what to let go of, so I’m spinning my wheels less and actually getting more done. I can’t recommend her enough!” – Terra M.

Success Achieved


Trisha has coached me through various work and life challenges. She has assisted me in achieving career success and an overall better quality of life. I have sincerely enjoyed working with her, especially in light of her forthcoming and intelligent “thinking outside of the box” approach. Not only that, but she brings a caring and compassion to the table that you don’t often find.  I would, without a doubt, recommend Trisha as a coach!” – Miranda V.

No Longer Afraid


Before I started coaching sessions with Trisha, I had fears around pursuing what I really wanted in life, such as starting a business. As a result of Trisha’s intuitive talent and coaching style, I was able to recognize and release limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I’m now creating the life that I want.” –Tanya V.

Career Confidence


“Trisha is an excellent listener and because of her intuition, she can hear what you are saying even if you aren’t saying it out loud. Trisha asks insightful and thought provoking questions that help you gain clarity. She holds you accountable and encourages you to be the best you can be, while providing feedback in a straightforward, yet caring manner. Most importantly, Trisha has taught me how to “Own My Power.” I have more confidence and am now getting what I want from my career.” – Michelle T.

Embracing New Beginnings


I feel quite fortunate to be working with Trisha during a period of professional transition.  After 20+ years of demanding work at which I held myself to the highest standards, I felt mentally and physically burnt out and chose a change in course.  Trisha’s guidance and support are helping me to identify and balance both my personal and professional goals, to make decisions with greater self-awareness, and to have more self-compassion.  Trisha is very approachable, offers helpful insights and suggestions, asks thoughtful questions, and listens with great care.  My discussions with Trisha are giving me the perspective and encouragement to see this time as a new beginning.” – Eileen R.

Big Changes


“Trisha has a wonderful way of using the Energy Leadership Index and personal background review to make subtle but substantial shifts in perspective that implement big changes in ones management style.  She is accessible in between sessions, personable, easy to talk to. Her professional commitment to clients, meeting reviews & follow-up are impressive. She is a joy to work with.” – Cristina R.